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Example A - Background

A national engineering organization with more than 10 locations wanted to launch Lean manufacturing and understood that Lean has a huge impact on employees and corporate culture. They also had a very low employee turnover rate of less than 5%.

The president asked Unique Business Solutions to create a AL2A with People process to set the baseline measure of employee engagement prior to launching Lean. The president also wanted to understand why employees stayed with the company, specifically related to understand generational differences.

Example A - Unique Solution

A personalized AL2A with People process was created. The process focused on questions dealing with Lean and employee engagement. An electronic database was developed so the client would "own" the data. Confidential emails were automatically generated to all employees with a link to take the questionnaire. The detailed analysis (more than 60 pages) broke down employees by generational differences, location, operating units, and leaders and non-leaders.

Example A - Results

We presented the client with several recommendations that helped lay the foundation for the Lean rollout, as well as gain an understanding of generational differences relating to leadership development, training and succession planning. The client has asked for our assistance to develop a leadership development training program for top performers, and is planning to partner with Unique Business Solutions on another AL2A with People questionnaire in 6-9 months.

Example A - Testimonial

"We were searching for a partner to help us determine employee engagement and satisfaction levels prior to our launch of a Lean initiative, and Unique Business Solutions was a good fit. Their process was personalized for our industry and while there are other providers that offer similar services, their detailed analysis is what truly differentiates them. The level of information and insightful recommendations are more than we expected, and we look forward to continuing our partnership."

  • CEO, National Engineering Services firm for government, industrial and commercial industries

Example A - Testimonial

Unique Business Solutions' AL2A with People process created awareness of employee engagement and satisfaction levels; raised issues that we weren't aware of; provided thoughtful recommendation to eliminate these issues; and will reduce turnover levels for Generation X and Y employees, while providing analysis to retain top performers. We will engage Unique Business Solutions for ongoing employee measures."

  • Vice President-Human Resources, National Engineering Services firm for government,
    industrial and commercial industries

Example B - Background

A construction and management organization was looking to add a new line of services to their product portfolio. The president wanted to engage employees into this process so they would buy into the new product line and not have a fear of losing their jobs. He wanted to achieve their feedback with an independent third party in a confidential venue.

Example B - Unique Solution

Unique Business Solutions facilitated 6 employee focus groups with employees at various levels (leaders and non-leaders) and at multiple locations. Our goal was to gain feedback on the new product line, provide a venue for employees to share concerns, and strengthen overall communication with leadership.

Example B - Results

Unique Business Solutions provided a series of recommendations, which included not proceeding with the new product line and that employees need more communication from leaders.

The client is considering partnering with Unique Business Solutions on a marketing strategy for its current product lines.

Example B - Testimonial

"I was familiar with Voice of the Customer before I partnered with Unique Business Solutions, but their exclusive AL2A with Customers process is much different and better! One of their best qualities was performing beyond our expectations. While other third parties say they do this, Unique Business Solutions is committed to this. It's never happened; however, if there is an instance where they are not performing beyond our expectations; they will work with us until we do feel this... at no additional investment. I am very pleased with the results and feel they brought something totally different to the table."

  • President, National Construction and General Contracting Firm
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