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Example A - Background

A leading manufacturer of custom manufactured polyethylene film and bags was looking to create a market positioning statement to differentiate them in the marketplace. They wanted this statement to be used in all marketing communications materials, as well as internal employee communications. As they are continuously expanding into new markets, they requested a concept that will differentiate themselves from competitors, along with ensuring employees consistency with the brand.

The company asked Unique Business Solutions to create a positioning statement to be used consistently throughout the organization, and generate creative concepts for this positioning.

Example A - Unique Solution

After meeting with the vice president of sales and marketing and gaining an understanding of the firm's culture and value proposition, we conducted brainstorming meetings to create ideas for the positioning statement. From our extensive analysis and brand management process, we effectively captured a series of needs and beliefs of their customers.

Example A - Result

The client achieved their objective in a cost-effective manner, through a long-term positioning statement to use both internally with employees and externally with customers. The positioning included several attributes that can be used for customer messages and communications. This helps the organization effectively communicate with their customers, and employees can associate the organization with the brand, resulting in increased employee engagement and retention. The client requested Unique Business Solutions to continue as a partner for its marketing strategy and execution.

Example A - Testimonial

"Unique Business Solutions has exceeded our expectations as a business partner. We selected the company because they stood out in our selection process as the organization with the strongest ideas for helping grow our business. They have proven us right time and again. The bonus for us is the speed at which they have been able to understand our business. There was no wasted effort from the beginning of the relationship making our efforts cost effective and productive. We have found a partner who performs like a trusted employee."

  • Vice President Sales & Marketing, National Plastics and Bag Manufacturer in the Paper Industry

Example B - Background

An information technology organization wanted assistance in promoting their technical services business. They needed to understand their customers' needs, buying behaviors, and decision-making criteria. In addition, salespeople were having difficulties educating customers and cross-selling the firm's technical service capabilities.

The organization was planning to spend its entire marketing budget on radio advertising, but wasn't certain this was the right tactic. They asked Unique Business Solutions to conduct marketing research to determine the right marketing venues and best tactics to invest its marketing budget. They also requested the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan, outlining how to best allocate the budget in a customer effective manner.

Example B - Unique Solution

After meeting with key stakeholders in the company, we analyzed whom they should be targeting their services to. We helped them determine the primary "touchpoints" of their target market, and performed an electronic questionnaire with these "touchpoints." Our two-phased solution was to gather "AL2A with Customers," and then determine how to best position the services and marketing dollars through an integrated marketing communications plan.

Example B - Result

The research determined that radio was not a good venue to spend their marketing dollars, so the client saved money and effort, while learning the best marketing strategies for its target market. The company currently is executing the marketing plan. Salespeople are being trained how to effectively cross-sell the technical services with current customers. The company is implementing several marketing activities through its same marketing budget. They also are doing this with a more targeted, personalized approach to create an emotional connection with the target market.

Example B - Testimonial

"Unique Business Solutions provided us with a cost-effective solution to help increase the awareness of our services. Through their research and subsequent marketing plan, Unique Business Solutions provided us a path to focus and grow our customers. In addition, I felt that they understood our business, and focused the plan around our company and our needs. Many marketing plans only focus on the external view of the customer. They created a plan that also had action items for us to work on internally as their wisdom demonstrates that true success relates to synergies inside and outside the organization."

  • President, Information Technology Company

Example B - Testimonial

"Under very tight time constraints to gather feedback about a new product, we turned to Unique Business Solutions. They were able to quickly understand our project, product and market; and provide a cost-effective solution in the required timeline. We conducted a series of focus groups in multiple locations and their professionalism and quality were outstanding, yet their competitive advantage was the depth and detail of their analysis and recommendations. This exceeded our expectation. We look forward to partnering with them on future projects – including a beta test of the new product once it's released."

  • Vice President-Marketing, Fortune 200 health benefits and insurance firm

Example B - Testimonial

"We had a need to expand customer knowledge of our services. After taking the time to truly understand our requirements, Unique Business Solutions suggested a two-pronged approach to conduct primary research and develop a marketing plan. As budgets were tight, the plan produced many cost-effective solutions, as they are very conscious of adding value to our bottom line. We were pleased with the variety of options, and are currently implementing the plan."

  • Director of Marketing, Information Technology Company

Example C - Background

A large school district had failed to pass three consecutive referendums for a new school and improvements to other schools. With high turnover in the superintendent position, residents were concerned with the stability of district administration. After the new, recently promoted superintendent was defeated on his first referendum (the third failed attempt), he believed a clearly defined communication strategy would dramatically increase the opportunity for success on the upcoming two-question referendum. Along with excessive data from the previous referendums, the district also had the support of a strong district administration, and a mobile and well organized parent-advocacy group.

The district chose Unique Business Solutions to create a marketing communications plan. Per State law, the district was not allowed to advocate the referendum; rather, it was limited to informing residents of facts surrounding their situation.

Example C - Unique Solution

After discussion with the superintendent and his administrative leadership team, Unique Business Solutions agreed to collect both secondary research in the form of district data and primary research in the form of focus groups. Based on the primary and secondary research, we developed a marketing communications plan to create key messages and strategies to be communicated to residents throughout the referendum process. It was important these messages were fact-based and did not advocate a "yes" or "no" referendum position.

Unique Business Solutions then provided project management for the referendum campaign – overseeing the creation of tactical marketing and communications items. All were in accordance with the timeline and budget of the marketing communications plan. We also facilitated the efforts of the district and community advocacy group to ensure messages were consistent and efforts were not duplicated.

Example C - Result

The district passed the referendum by unprecedented margins: 54% to 46% for improvements and 62% to 38% for a new school. Each question was approved in all of the district's voting districts – a clean sweep. This even included a senior citizens group that had voted "no" to all prior referendums. Since that time, the district has leveraged the mentoring it received from the marketing communications plan in other media venues. District communication is clear, concise and retainable; and the district has become a paradigm for other districts to emulate. With consistent communication, the district need only ask once, instead of four times, for future community support. The superintendent continues to have ongoing dialogues with Unique Business Solutions on other strategic advising topics.

Example C - Testimonial

"Unique Business Solutions was truly committed to the success of our referendum from our first meeting, through the months leading up to November 7, and in their follow-up to the referendum. In short, they were proactive in meeting our needs and genuinely concerned for the success of our referendum.

The positive influence of Unique Business Solutions is reflected in the comments of one stakeholder following the referendum, 'I just would like to say thank you to you for the way you handled this issue. You did a great job of getting the information out there to the public so they could make an informed decision and you did it in a respectful way.'"

  • Superintendent, Large School District

Example D - Background

A large county municipality became increasingly dependent on tourism dollars to generate sales tax revenue for its funding. The county had experienced a tourism growth rate of 131% in the past decade and 7.34% during the previous year. However, county leaders felt its budget, resources and tourist attractions could be utilized more effectively; and with a marketing strategy, could draw more tourists.

With a relatively limited budget, the county took on the challenge to exceed the state average increase in tourism revenue. No longer relying on aimless growth – even growth equal to its peers, the county set a clear goal to surpass its competition. Along with excessive data from the previous year's marketing campaigns, the county had the support of a research committee comprised of local business owners.

Choosing Unique Business Solutions to create a marketing communications plan, the county set a goal to increase tourism revenue 5% above the state average.

Example D - Unique Solution

Unique Business Solutions collected tourism and other financial data to establish spending patterns in the county. Research determined tourism dollars generate a relatively large portion of county revenue, and much of the tourism activity took place in the summer and winter seasons (winter is a busy season in many northern communities). Interestingly, research also uncovered that many of the same people who visited during those seasons had an interest in the county's year-round activities. A gap surfaced because these people did not visit during spring or fall, possibly due to a lack of awareness of county offerings.

Unique Business Solutions devised a marketing communications plan to reach targeted audiences based on cross-reference matching of interests and availability. For instance, a winter snowmobile enthusiast may likely be a summer/spring jet-skier. Strategic marketing efforts focused on the communication of opposing seasonal options to remind tourists to visit at other times during the year.

Example D - Result

The county experienced growth in long-standing activities. Due to its proactive approach, visitors enjoy more options, especially those once seen as secondary activities. In the first year of the plan, tourism was up 8.7% (the 3rd largest increase in the state), and the county moved up two places in rank. With its abundant natural resources, effective marketing puts this community in a position to become a major regional tourist destination.

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