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A national health care service organization with employees located throughout the United States was struggling to engage employees into its corporate culture and customer-oriented processes. This was resulting in employee turnover, and issues with customer satisfaction and service.

The company asked Unique Business Solutions for assistance in employee engagement and coaching to help employees better understand the corporate culture and processes.

Unique Solution

After meeting with the President and other leadership staff, we discovered that employees were not "connecting" with the processes because there wasn't an effective communication and training structure. We created a customized training program that focused on both the corporate culture and effective coaching to help employees understand the customer-oriented processes and become more team-oriented.


Due to the urgency of the President, Unique Business Solutions developed the materials in half of the originally estimated time. All employees participated in both training programs and have a detailed understanding of the culture and customer-oriented processes.

The client asked Unique Business Solutions to continue to work with its leadership team for continuous improvement and coaching. It also has requested Unique Business Solutions to facilitate a process to create a long-term strategic plan.

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"We were searching for a solution to help our employees learn and become more engaged with our corporate culture. Unique Business Solutions created a personalized program, which helped us adapt and implement an effective training structure. We've recognized a higher degree of understanding of our culture, which has developed into improved teamwork and communication. We would certainly look to partner with Unique Business Solutions in the future for both organizational strategy and employee training programs."

  • President and Owner, National Health Care Organization
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