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Unique Business Solutions is committed to organizations that are WIRED. Below are testimonials from clients who have implemented our unique solutions to help them maximize profitability and productivity. The results are Performance Beyond Your Expectations.

  • "Unique Business Solutions has exceeded our expectations as a business partner.        We selected the company because they stood out in our selection process as the organization with the strongest ideas for helping grow our business. They have proven us right time and again. The bonus for us is the speed at which they have been able to understand our business. There was no wasted effort from the beginning of the relationship making our efforts cost effective and productive. We have found a partner who performs like a trusted employee."
    • Vice President Sales & Marketing, National Plastics and Bag Manufacturer in the Paper Industry
    "Under very tight time constraints to gather feedback about a new product, we turned to Unique Business Solutions. They were able to understand our project, product and market; and provide a cost-effective solution in the required timeline. We conducted a series of focus groups to multiple locations and their professionalism and quality were outstanding, yet their competitive advantage was the depth and detail of their analysis and recommendations. This exceeded our expectation. We look forward to partnering with them on future projects including a beta test of the new product once it's released."
    • Vice President-Marketing, Fortune 200 Health Benefits and Insurance Firm
  • "Unique Business Solutions' Acquisition and Integration Field Guide process provided our organization with a model to train our Integration Managers and increase our efficiencies. We searched for a third party representative to help improve our processes, and they exceeded our expectations. Unique Business Solutions made a point to thoroughly review our current procedures and incorporate them into new processes. They involved all key stakeholders – a critical step to this process. Our employees appreciated that their ideas were received, and eagerly cooperated, making the transition to the new process a smooth one. The results are a more efficient process to ensure continued consistency and productivity for our organizations and all employees involved in future integrations."
    • Vice President-Corporate & Business Development, Global Identification Solutions Organization in the Manufacturing Industry
    "We wanted a consistent Acquisition and Integration process that was dependent upon the integration process – rather than the people. Unique Business Solutions' process met our needs. They facilitated meetings with up to 16 cross-functional employees to identify our existing procedures, and provide opportunities to improve them. Unique Business Solutions provided us with a new process and integration tools that allow employees to efficiently and effectively integrate our acquisitions. The ROI has been great."
    • Senior Vice President-Supply Chain Management and Information Technology, Global Manufacturer in the Food & Beverage Industry
    "We hired Unique Business Solutions to help our company formalize its acquisition integration process, and to create a reference guide for new Integration Managers. Their expertise in acquisition integrations, and experience creating tools for integration teams, allowed us to scope out the project accurately and to make progress quickly. They personally met with each function involved in the acquisition integration process to define tasks and issues, and personalized Unique Business Solutions approach to the resulting reference guide to meet the needs of our company's culture.
    They have a great ability to establish rapport with people throughout the organization, which helps Unique Business Solutions identify critical issues and bring them up to the key stakeholders effectively. Throughout the project, Unique Business Solutions was responsive and available when needed, and consistently met project deadlines. In the end, our "Integration Manager's Field Guide" was a success – it provides valuable tools and templates to the people who need them, and was completed ahead of schedule and on budget."
    • Human Resources Director, Global Identification Solutions Organization in the Manufacturing Industry
  • "Unique Business Solutions took a daunting and complex strategic organizational strategy and made it enlightening and enjoyable. By integrating our entire organization into the process, a collective empowerment was achieved in determining the future direction of our firm. Unique Business Solutions' ability to ask strategically relevant questions helped us define and refine our core competencies, and guided us in defining new markets and revenue channels. They took the complex and made it simple and engaging. Were extremely pleased with the results and have partnered with Unique Business Solutions on other projects."
    • Principal, Advertising and Marketing Organization
    "Unique Business Solutions assisted our efforts in developing a three-year strategy. The benefit of collaborating with them is that the plan and process were personalized to our organization. They facilitated the process with three groups of organizational leaders: two leadership teams and our mid-level leaders. Their recommendations aligned with our corporate objectives, and are designed to create competitive advantages and strengthen partnerships with our employees and dealer network. We are in a better position to proactively respond to the future demands of our industry. We believe that the strategic plan will benefit our future and look forward to partnering with Unique Business Solutions in the years ahead."
    • President, Global Manufacturer of Consumer Products in the Transportation Industry
    "Unique Business Solutions' real strength is being a student and facilitator of the organizational strategy process. They engage and challenge participants to think beyond their current mental boundaries. Our employees and board members were encouraged to think "out-of-the-box," which generated new, enlightening ideas. Unique Business Solutions' process was different from others as it encouraged more participation and team building in creating a vision for our organization. The result was a consensus plan with detailed objectives and measurable components."
    • Executive Director, Non-profit Organization
    "Unique Business Solutions facilitated a strategic planning session for board members and the organization’s leadership team. Our group was encouraged to think creatively, share opinions freely and generate ideas proactively. Unique Business Solutions listened to what was said, designed a concise strategic plan and remained receptive to revisions as our group moved toward consensus. The facilitation, flexibility and frankness of Unique Business Solutions helped us prepare to meet potential changes, demands and challenges. We worked as a team, positioned ourselves more proactively for the future and remained steadfast in our vision and mission. Unique Business Solutions helped us achieve a strategic plan with objectives, detailed action steps and reasonable timelines."
    • Board Chairperson, Non-profit Organization
  • "We were searching for a solution to help our employees learn and become more engaged with our corporate culture. Unique Business Solutions created a personalized program, which helped us adapt and implement an effective training structure. We've recognized a higher degree of understanding of our culture, which has developed into improved teamwork and communication. We would certainly look to partner with Unique Business Solutions in the future for both organizational strategy and employee training programs."
    • President and Owner, National Health Care Organization
  • "We recognized the importance of the AL2A for Customers process and the value of an outside partner like Unique Business Solutions to act as an intermediary. The nice thing about partnering with Unique Business Solutions is they customized the process to our needs. That's what sets their approach apart. Our customers were more receptive to discuss certain things with them than they were with our people. We believe we're really headed on the right track as we continually pursue the AL2A for Customers, and we believe it will grow our market share and widen our competitive advantage for years to come."
    • President and COO, Global Manufacturer in the Food & Beverage Industry

    "The real value to us is that the AL2A for Customers process opens our eyes to what customers are really saying. Unique Business Solutions initially worked with us on facilitating discussions for our action plans. During this time, they were training our employees to create the plans themselves. This is another way they helped add value to our bottom line, by exiting themselves from this part of the process. We're seeing immediate results. We're finding out information from key customers that we previously guessed about. It's much simpler to engage in a process that solicits that information so we can better delight them with all the resources we have."
    • Senior Vice President Sales, Global Manufacturer in the Food & Beverage Industry
    "Many companies believe they understand their customers. Until undergoing a discovery process similar to the AL2A for Customers, you may not fully recognize your customers' needs. By completing the AL2A for Customers process, we know our customers. Our dealers were comfortable disclosing information to Unique Business Solutions that they otherwise may not have revealed to our representatives. Unique Business Solutions gained the respect of our dealers and employees. We received positive feedback from our dealers. They feel the process is valuable and proactive.       Now we are better positioned to meet the requirements of our customers, and our partnerships will continue to thrive."
    • President, Global Manufacturer of Consumer Products in the Transportation Industry
    "I was familiar with Voice of the Customer before I partnered with Unique Business Solutions, but their exclusive AL2A for Customers process is much different and better! One of their best qualities was performing beyond our expectations. While other third parties say they do this, Unique Business Solutions is committed to this. It's never happened; however, if there is an instance where they are not performing beyond our expectations; they will work with us until we do feel this... at no additional investment. I am very pleased with the results and feel they brought something totally different to the table."
    • President, National Construction and General Contracting Firm
  • "Unique Business Solutions provided us with a cost-effective solution to help increase the awareness of our services. Through their research and subsequent marketing plan, Unique Business Solutions provided us a path to focus and grow our customers. In addition, I felt they understood our business, and focused the plan around our company and our needs. Many marketing plans only focus on the external view of the customer. They created a plan that also had action items for us to work on internally as their wisdom demonstrates that true success relates to synergies inside and outside the organization."
    • President, Information Technology Company
    "We had a need to expand customer knowledge of our services. After taking the time to truly understand our requirements, Unique Business Solutions suggested a two-pronged approach to conduct primary research and develop a marketing plan. As budgets were tight, the plan produced many cost-effective solutions, as they are very conscious of adding value to our bottom line. We were pleased with the variety of options, and are currently implementing the plan."
    • Marketing Director, Information Technology Company
    "Having built a successful organization, we chose to partner with a consultant to focus on achieving sustainable growth. By performing comprehensive research and analysis, Unique Business Solutions helped us determine the best use of our marketing budget. Their services exceeded our expectations in providing a comprehensive marketing plan, allowing us to make better decisions. In the past, we have relied on information and statistics from national organizations. Although helpful, it cannot compare to the data Unique Business Solutions provided for us by surveying customers in our trade area. Knowing the preferences of people in other regions is of little value to us. Unique Business Solutions provided us with some eye-opening insights. The value of our partnership with Unique Business Solutions extends beyond our current year in our efforts toward long-term growth."
    • Owner, B2C Service Provider in the Auto Industry
    "Competition is fierce in our industry. To give us an edge, we chose to learn about our customers, their most important needs, and what they expect from us. We partnered with Unique Business Solutions to perform market research, and recommend brand positioning and marketing messages. Immediately, we realized our previous marketing budgets had been spent in the wrong places. With a proactive marketing plan – backed by rationale – we feel confident in targeting the right customers with the right services. The value we are receiving is more than double our investment.

    When the process was complete, we asked ourselves: Why did it take us more than 20 years in business to realize that having this type of information was the most important part of any marketing strategy? Why did we take so long to make the decision to have Unique Business Solutions help us with our business? Finally, after a few months with this marketing strategy, how much money did we waste on the wrong marketing plans with the wrong emphasis? In our opinion, Unique Business Solutions is the only answer to your marketing questions. They will let you know what your customers want and how to get your customers what they need."

    • General Manager, B2C Service Provider in the Auto Industry
  • "We were searching for a partner to help us determine employee engagement and satisfaction levels prior to our launch of a Lean initiative, and Unique Business Solutions was a good fit. Their process was personalized for our industry and while there are other providers that offer similar services, their detailed analysis is what truly differentiates them. The level of information and insightful recommendations are more than we expected and we look forward to continuing our partnership."
    • CEO, National Engineering Service Firm for Government, Industrial and Commercial Industries
    "Unique Business Solutions' AL2A for People process created awareness of employee engagement and satisfaction levels; raised issues that we weren't aware of; provided thoughtful recommendation to eliminate these issues; and will reduce turnover levels for Generation X and Y employees, while providing analysis to retain top performers. We will engage Unique Business Solutions for ongoing employee measures."
    • Vice President-Human Resources, National Engineering Service Firm for Government, Industrial and Commercial Industries
    "As a rapidly growing business which recently acquired multiple locations, we partnered with Unique Business Solutions to do a check-up on our organization.      Unique Business Solutions performed the AL2A with People process to measure the success of our internal efforts. The results showed we were performing well and identified opportunities to improve. Their in-depth analysis offered implementable recommendations ensuring a return on our investment."
    • President, National Electric Contractor
    "Unique Business Solutions led us through the process of performance measurement start to finish. Designing an electronic questionnaire for the efficient collection of information; Unique Business Solutions compiled the responses, analyzed the data,      and proposed recommendations. Step by step, they worked with us to generate comprehensive findings to improve our people processes."
    • Director of Human Resources, National Electric Contractor
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