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News Release -> PIECES FOR PROFIT is now available!

Date Added: 04/25/07

Maximize your organization’s profitability and success.   


What readers have to say:


“Insightful and understandable guide. Yeghiaian leads the reader throughout the considerations business leaders must master to create excellence in results.”

        Lou LeCalsey, President and CEO of Tufco Technologies, Inc.


“Yeghiaian has created a thorough and comprehensive book on a set of related topics. I would recommend it as a great ‘how to’ resource for integrating strategy, people and customers inside any organization. Leaders can effectively build a company from the ground up with the aid of this material. The newly created AL2A process is an innovative perspective and great approach to get customers engaged in the very process used to serve them.”


                       Tim Weyenberg, President and CEO, Foth


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