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Date Added: 04/02/07

(Green Bay, Wis.) April 3, 2007 – David Yeghiaian, president and owner of Unique Business Solutions, has published a new book, Pieces for Profit, scheduled for release in late April.
Based on years of research with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders, the book describes how high-performing organizations can maximize profitability to achieve greater success. It answers the question: How can organizations become more profitable and successful?
The answer to this question provided the content for Pieces for Profit. The book focuses on three elements – Strategy, People and Customers – and portrays them together as a puzzle. The research found that organizations achieve greater success by relentlessly pursuing a comprehensive strategy, people (employee) engagement and customer partnerships. Explaining how these three puzzle pieces work interdependently, it serves as a guide to help organizations continuously improve.
Jason Jennings, author of 3 best-selling business books and named one of the three most requested speakers by USA TODAY, said, “I fell in love with this book. It will make you a better strategic thinker and… your ability to execute will dramatically improve.” While business strategy has become a popular book topic, this book provides a resource for leaders concerned with the long-term health and vitality of their organizations.
With more than 15 years of experience, Yeghiaian has advised large, medium and small organizations in several industries. He has demonstrated results on a global scale in a breadth of services such as organizational strategy, brand management, marketing, strategic planning and acquisitions and integrations. His experience includes work with Fortune 500, nonprofit, government and private organizations in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.
Yeghiaian launched Unique Business Solutions, a strategic business advising firm, to partner with clients on issues of strategy, people and customers to help them maximize their productivity and profitability. Services include Organizational Strategy, Strategic Market Positioning and Acquisition and Integration assistance. For more information, visit
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