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News Release -> Unique Business Focuses on Understanding Customer Needs

Date Added: 06/07/04

June 7, 2004 - Finding opportunities to gain a competitive edge begins with knowing how to be proactive with customers. Unique Business Solutions, LLC helps organizations become more productive by understanding customer needs and aligning these needs with the organization's strategy, resulting in increased revenues, reduced costs and/or improved processes.

"Organizations spend a lot of time and money on programs and products designed to increase revenues," explained David Yeghiaian, President and owner, Unique Business Solutions. "However, many organizations typically don't take the time to ask customers what their needs really are. Unique Business Solutions is able to conduct an independent customer needs analysis so organizations would know their dollars are being spent wisely by targeting the right customers with the right messages with the right strategic plan."

Unique Business Solutions has developed an exclusive process to learn about an organization's challenges and opportunities, understand the needs of the organization's customers, and align the customers' needs to the organization, which ultimately adds value to the bottom line.

"Our process is designed to match an organization's market positioning with its customers' needs," Yeghiaian continued. "We begin with an organization's senior leaders and then interact with their customers. Once we understand customers' perceptions, we share this information with senior leaders and help them filter it throughout their organization so all employees understand it. Engaged employees become more productive employees, which leads to better customer service, resulting in increased customer loyalty and revenues. Our end-to-end solutions provide a continuous loop between employees and customers."

Yeghiaian added: "Recent Harvard Business Review articles have stated that organizations that spend the time and money to understand customer needs and realign their business strategies accordingly will become market leaders - or widen their gap if already a market leader."

Unique Business Solutions, LLC is passionate about helping organizations become more productive and successful from increased revenues, reduced costs and/or improved processes. Its exclusive process aligns an organization's market positioning with customers' needs. Services include marketing communications, brand management, strategic planning and employee relations. More information is available at

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