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Date Added: November 2019

To honor our veterans on Veterans Day, let us take a moment to thank all those who have graciously served and protected our country. The efforts of our veterans make me reflect on Jesus; and the words below are intended to relate to our veterans, who, while respecting all religions, protect our country with a motto of In God We Trust.

Jesus took a small group of individuals and shaped them into disciples by teaching ideas, skills and telling stories. These individuals led others in a related manner – similar to how our brave veterans are taught and rely on each other.

He transformed individuals by living with them, serving as a model for them, and loving them. This reminds me of what many veterans speak of when they say, Unit, Core, God, Country; demonstrating how they model, serve and safeguard each other and our country.

He taught about faith and trust, and also discussed trials, tribulations and pain. Trust is about communication. Any veteran knows about the importance of communication, as well as the ups and downs of battle – even more so after returning from battle.

Jesus gave others an example of how to love, protect the weak, become friends to others, and live a simple life. All qualities of our veterans as they defend our country, as well as the countries of others.

Thank you, veterans, for serving and protecting us; and may we also ensure we find you respectful and quality employment once you choose to leave the military. Employers owe this to our veterans for all you have done for us.

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