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Date Added: June 2019

I read a story recently that made me both sad and amazed as it illustrates communication and trust.

Cindy, who was blind, told her boyfriend, If I could only see the world, I would marry you. Miraculously, someone donated their eyes to Cindy. With her new eyes, she saw Tom for the first time and was shocked to realize he was also blind.

Will you marry me?, Tom asked. Surprisingly, Cindy refused because Tom was blind and now she could see. A few days later she received a text from Tom which read, Dear Cindy, please take good care of your eyes. Before they were yours, they were mine.

Wow! In difficult times, whom do you turn to? Are your closest friends, family and co-workers there for you; or do they suddenly go silent in their communications? These are the instances to know who you can truly trust and rely on.

There was a CEO who was extremely close with one of his direct reports. So close, that they actually could finish each other’s sentences. Their strengths and skills were very complimentary, and together they were a great team for the organization. Unfortunately, pride and ego took over for the CEO and he felt threatened in this relationship, so he asked the individual to leave the organization.

This sad and disappointing situation brought both strength and collaboration among the leader’s direct reports. While all were sad about this unfortunate occurrence, they relied on each other for support, encouragement and perseverance. As the leader departed, he saw the positive that came from a very bad situation.

We all face trials and tribulations. How we respond to these are what makes us stronger leaders and individuals. Do we allow pride, ego and blame to cloud our judgment; or do we see the positives in bad situations?

It comes down to communication and trust; typically stemming from faith or a belief in something greater than yourself.

David Yeghiaian is committed to inspiring others through faith and leadership. Reach him at
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