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Date Added: February 2019

A good friend, mentor, former CEO and Marine recently provided me with three thoughts. He said anyone can do anything if these three conditions exist.

I have modified them slightly; although they really resonated with me as they apply to leadership, success and execution in fairly simple terms.

First, communicate openly, directly; and also be honest when explaining the why behind what you are asking for. If clear communication occurs with a good explanation of why, people will be convinced and understand the value behind whatever is being asked of them. The value is important because it gives people a good reason to do whatever they are asked to do.

Second, whatever people are being asked to do must have a good and realistic chance to be successful. In effect, they must believe they can be successful in their endeavor. This provides a sense of belief.

Third, people must trust the person leading them and asking for the request. They must have faith the person is competent and honest, has integrity and influence, and most importantly, cares for them. In fact, the person must care for them more than they care for themselves (remember my friend is a Marine, so think of this as a commander with military, or a shepherd with a flock of sheep). This is leadership, and if done well, people will follow.

In summary, if items are communicated clearly with a good and rationale why so people understand the value of what they are being asked to do; if the request has a realistic and good chance of success; and if the person requesting is competent, honest and displays a caring attitude more about others than himself/herself; anything can be accomplished.

My friend further stressed the third item is the most important. The first two without the third will not accomplish anything. As I thought about this, it almost seemed too simple; however, the more I thought about it, I could not think of any instance where this was inaccurate. If you can, please let me know.

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