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Date Added: December 2018

As we celebrate the holidays, there is a story about a fourth wise man. We are all familiar with the three wise men; although there may have been a fourth. His story can teach us life, leadership and work lessons.

The story is from Henry Van Dyke, written in 1885, about Artaban, the fourth wise man. Artaban was a Persian Magi who was to join the other three kings on their journey following the bright star. As he sets off on his journey, Artaban stops to help a sick person. As a result, he arrives late and the other three have already left without him.

Unafraid, he sets off on his own across the desert to catch up. Unfortunately, he arrives in Bethlehem after the other three have already left and the Holy Family is also gone. Artaban is not having very good luck.

He is carrying precious stones as gifts and spends 30 years seeking and following Jesus so he can give him these gifts. However, he is always a bit late because he is constantly stopping to help others in need, which distracts him to getting to where he really wants to go.

Fortunately, while Artaban is frustrated, his faith never waivers. Over time, he sells the precious stones to help and provide for others in need. A family threatened, a woman with health issues, a man struggling to support his family.

His faith blends with fear and despair to the time of his death. He sees himself as a failure for never achieving his goal. In his final moment, Jesus appears, assuring Artaban that through his many acts of service, he did achieve his goal – to help others.

How often do we set goals for ourselves and not have time for them because life gets in the way? Stress from the holidays and work, family, health, etc. Yet, how often is this anxiety due to helping others... our family, our co-workers, our customers?

I have a friend whose life-long goal was to be a mother. She has a college degree, worked, and was probably one of the best employees I ever had. She accomplished her goal and is a great mother; however, she is also a fantastic spouse, co-worker, and human being. She positively impacts everyone she is around because of who she is and the eminence of love she exudes from being a mother.

We are told to do unto others as we would have them do unto you. This is the Golden Rule. While none of us are perfect and we do not do this all the time, most people are generally good at heart and want to help others. We seem to do it more around the holidays. As we enter into a new year, make it a resolution to follow the Golden Rule every day.

Helping others is a life-long journey. If you make this part of your daily journey, you are most likely achieving many of your work and personal goals. Each time you help or express love to others is a symbol of your goals. Use this as a time to explore your goals and explore your outcomes. Renew your confidence, hope and optimism in others by being the example for others.

David Yeghiaian is committed to inspiring others through faith and leadership. Reach him at
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