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Date Added: May 2015

This is the first of three articles during the next few months focused on facing your fears. Facing your fears is a choice by you and there is no magic wand to accomplish this other than understanding it is a continual journey.

We all fear something; and whether we admit it, we also all have fears regarding leadership at work. Nothing good happens when we have fears. We avoid something; which creates a negative result; leading to criticism, unpopularity, rejection, regret, etc.

A simple example is my wife having a fear of spiders. She sees a spider and avoids it. The negative result is she screams, anxiety increases and stress rises. She asks me to handle the spider, creating more work for me and possible criticism if I don’t handle this how she wants. Nothing good happens.

Think of this related to work. Employees or co-workers do something that upsets you. Instead of discussing it, you avoid the discussion. By avoiding, your productivity decreases, you get upset and dislike coming to work. This leads to unhappiness, disengagement and possibly seeking a new job.

We avoid our fears because what would happen if we faced them? While some may not like us or judge us; typically something positive occurs when facing our fears. We may feel a sense of relief, as may others, producing higher engagement and productivity.

Many believe it is easier to avoid rather than face our fears. Although, if you are unhappy and disengaged, and others react negatively like you think they will; are they really your friends?

The first step to facing fears is to acknowledge you have fears; and understand why they are fears. This takes deep reflection and honest recognition of your fears.

I used to fear speaking in front of people. I still have fears related to this; I just face them versus avoiding them. Many have fears of providing others with honest feedback. If you acknowledge the fear, you will be taking the first step on your journey to effectively face your fears. The result is more effective leadership and peace with yourself.

David Yeghiaian is committed to leading people on a life-changing journey to being great leaders. Reach him at

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