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Date Added: May 2015

As we approach the end of the year, it seems major challenges continue to face our community such as healthcare, unemployment, job security, providing for our families and communicating with coworkers. Issues affecting organizations, employees, everyone.

It causes me to reflect about a family who faced each of these issues – much like many of us face today – and how caring and love created hope. We should apply lessons from this family and story to support our co-workers, employees, friends, family and customers.

The story begins with a husband and pregnant wife who were homeless, unemployed and without healthcare. Fortunately, they discovered someone who graciously provided them a place to stay, where she gave birth to a child. A shining example of how we can assist others. How would you help someone in this situation?

As occurs with many parents, as the child grew, there was a time when the parents couldn’t find their child and became frantic. Thankfully, the child found them and life went on. How would you assist parents, employees or coworkers in this situation?

For unknown reasons, the new mother had to raise the child as a single parent with a very limited income. Yet, she managed to provide the basic necessities of life and demonstrated love as most mothers would. How would you support a single mother, possibly a coworker or employee, in this situation?

Sadly, the mother faced possibly the greatest fear of any parent by seeing her child die. How would you comfort anyone in this situation?

Thinking about our current world, it is easy to identify what is not working well and seek to pass judgment that it could be better. As I considered this, I kept thinking about this family which faced a great deal of adversity – homelessness, unemployment, lack of healthcare, single parenting, loss of life.

Of greater interest, this family situation occurred more than 2,000 years ago and we still face similar challenges today. Despite this, the family managed, and succeeded by relying on each other for support.

We each face difficulties at work and home; and this story reveals that while our world is not perfect, we can still have hope. This amplifies the importance of coworkers and employees who we oftentimes spend more time with than our own families. Are we effectively helping each other at work and how do our organizations support us?

This family put their faith in all four areas of holistic leadership (work, self, family, community) to overcome hardships. Hardships we see our co-workers and employees face daily.

While work seemed simple, the family embraced their work with zeal and were able to influence others to believe more deeply than everyday tasks. Regarding self, they invested time on deep contemplation to free up their minds, allowing themselves to be more giving to others. As for family, they were always there for each other.

And community involvement was such that the child grew to proactively travel to communities to administer to people similar to what the family experienced – those without healthcare, the sick, the poor, the unemployed. It is amazing how our own life situations shape the people we become.

Mother Teresa said that love in action is service and we should not be overly concerned about the world’s problems; and instead simply respond to people’s needs. She believed that “what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but that ocean would be less without that drop.”

While love may be a strong word for most to share with others, love is about having genuine concern for others and placing others above yourself. If we have the courage to exhibit caring toward others; we may bring the world a little more joy, a little more harmony, a little more hope.

Without a great deal of time or effort, this translates into positively impacting the lives of others in a tremendous way. The story of a family overcoming adversity from 2,000 years ago provides me with a sense of caring, love and hope. My hope is that we spread this more positively to each other throughout 2014 and beyond.

David Yeghiaian is committed to leading people on a life-changing journey to being great leaders. Reach him at

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