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Date Added: November 2013

NOTE: This article appeared in the November 6 issue of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Prior articles have discussed leadership characteristics such as humility, character, influence, etc. Behaviors are another vital leadership factor as success is a blend of both characteristics and behaviors.

There are numerous leadership behaviors, and the five below may be the most important.

1.    Leadership Influence/Impact: Ability to positively influence others and the organization without having a leadership position. Leadership is not about role or title; it’s about the ability to influence others.

2.    Results and Execution: Skill in achieving and exceeding results through relentless execution. Being able to prioritize key items and have focus to attain them.

3.    Growth and Customer Focus: Expanding from results and execution is the behavior to truly grow a department or organization, and have a complete understanding of customers. Includes global thinking, innovation, and risk taking – not settling for the status quo.

4.    Effective Communication: Typically the No. 1 reason for mistakes or issues. Requires behaviors of multiple communication venues and styles, as well as the capacity to adapt communication to others.

5.    Makes Others Better: Possibly the most important leadership behavior and one mentioned often in sports. Can the leader make others around him/her better? Encompasses the proficiency to be a self-learner, critical thinker and champion for change.

Being able to connect leadership characteristics with leadership behaviors creates the most complete leaders. Think of an individual with all of the necessary leadership characteristics who is unable to influence others, get results and execute, grow an organization, effectively communicate or make others better.

Consider top draft choices in sports. Chosen based on skill and perceived leadership characteristics; however, those that are unsuccessful lack necessary leadership behaviors to achieve ultimate success.

On the other hand, individuals capable of influencing others, getting results and executing, growing an organization, effectively communicating or making others better; can only achieve these items because they are effectively utilizing their leadership characteristics. Leadership characteristics are a must have.

Regrettably, characteristics without behaviors are leaders not reaching their potential. Fortunately, leaders able to combine characteristics with essential behaviors are on the path to becoming heart and soul inspired leaders.

David Yeghiaian is committed to leading people on a life-changing journey to being great leaders. Reach him at

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