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Date Added: November 2012

Note: This article appeared in the November 7, 2012 issue of The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Jim Collins said Level 5 leaders have humility and will; and there are myriad lists of other great leadership characteristics. A recent conference proposed the term “heart and soul inspired” leaders.

Attendees said “heart and soul inspired” was something much deeper than Level 5 or great leaders. The depth of heart and soul inspired leaders pertained to two distinctive features.

The first related to a heart and soul inspired leader’s “DNA.” We are each born with certain qualities, shaped through our life experiences. This DNA may include humility, will, integrity, etc. This is not to say leaders are born vs. made; it correlates to what we do with our innate characteristics. For example, what if a leader chose not to use these characteristics – or worse – used them for evil vs. good?

Some leaders could have the best leadership DNA, but not be heart and soul inspired leaders unless they choose to use their gifts; and use these for good (i.e. positively impacting others). Leaders’ decision to choose, and how they choose, are profound items; offering unique leadership perspectives.

The second feature centered on fear. I have discussed people being fearful of leading; however, in this instance it was fear in not using one’s leadership DNA. To paraphrase Marianne Williamson, “our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure… as we’re liberated from own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

This is the fear of succeeding. The fear of not reaching whatever leadership potential you’re destined for. The fear of feeling secure with yourself and knowing you have a role to play in positively impacting the lives of others; and by doing so, you are being a heart and soul inspired leader.

Some fear leadership because they believe they’re not leaders; while others are confident in their leadership, but judged as being arrogant.

We all have the ability to be heart and soul inspired leaders – the leader you were born to be, using your own DNA to positively impact others. Can our world afford us not to be the heart and soul inspired leaders we are created to be?

David Yeghiaian is committed to leading people on a life-changing journey to being great leaders. Reach him at

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