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Date Added: October 2012

Note: This article appeared in the October 3, 2012 issue of The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

I am often asked, “What are you passionate about?” Oftentimes, passion is viewed as something positive. Yet, it elicits both positive and negative emotions for work, self, family and community.

Passion is defined as a very strong feeling about a person or thing; an intense emotion or persuasive feeling which can be constructive or destructive. Passion isn’t always smiles and fun.

The most common type of passion relates to our job. Friend #1 has a strong passion for his job. He loves what he does and does it very well. Unfortunately, his passion has resulted in a job with lower income and business struggles; taking a toll on self, family and community passion.

Friend #2 does not have a strong passion for his work. He likes what he does, but isn’t passionate about it; although he makes a high income and runs a successful business. His work allows him to spend time with family and community, both which he is passionate about.

There are countless times I have been passionate about something; however, it wasn’t positive because I communicated negativity, anger or hostility. Think about how passion is communicated when discussing religion, politics or the Packers.

In all three examples, passion is strong in some areas and lacking in others. Extra strong passion in one area can negatively impact other areas; and low passion in one area also negatively impacts other areas.

Passion is a compelling word. We need to effectively balance passion in our lives so it is positive. We get too caught up in being passionate about a job or other items. While this is preferred, we must have passion for life – achieved via balance in the four holistic leadership areas of work, self, family and community.

Passion is a journey defined by you. You may not always have the answer to positive passion; although if you seek a balance of passion related to body, mind, heart and soul, others will see your positive passion in everything you do.

So, what are you passionate about at work, for yourself, with your family or in your community?

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