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Date Added: June 2012

Note: This article appeared in the June 6, 2012 issue of The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

You have the ability to positively impact others. This is a scary statement because some people don’t believe it. “Impact” is a big word.

Some think only important people impact others. Everyone can positively impact others – and probably do – without even knowing it. Prior articles addressed leadership gifts and fears; and being the best form of You. If this occurs, positive impact occurs.

Simple examples include: opening a door for someone, smiling, laughing, or asking how your day is. Think of the positive impact for who you held the door for; or the person you smiled at, laughed with, or asked how their day was.

There is a story of a taxi driver who picked up a 90-year-old woman. He waited a long time for her and almost left. She finally got into the taxi and provided the address, but asked to drive to other parts of town. While it would be more expensive and he didn’t want to invest the time, he did.

For the next several hours, she explained her life story to him by showing where she grew up, worked and lived life. He finally dropped her off at the hospice care address she provided. Giving her a hug and explaining “no charge.” This is a modest positive impact of giver and receiver.

More difficult examples include: showing vulnerability and humility, crying, mentoring, serving or loving. We may not think of doing these at work; however, each has a tremendous positive impact on others.

A friend gave me an assignment which I’ll share. Ask five people these three questions: Have I positively impacted you? How? How has this made you a better person?

This demonstrates your humility and vulnerability, while also your grace in accepting compliments. The responses will amaze you at the little things you do to positively impact others.

Maya Angelou said, “I have learned people will forget what you said, will forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel.” Positively impacting others is easy if you choose to be the best You at work, home and in our community.

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