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Date Added: March 2012

Note: This article appeared in the March 9, 2012 issue of The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

A new book discusses the top five regrets of dying. A positive approach views these as the top items to do while living; and relates to four areas of Holistic Leadership identified in my July 17, 2011 article. Each aligns with everyday business principles.

1.    Live life as you’re supposed to. Honor who you are – not what others expect of you. Don’t fear what others think of you, be who you’re supposed to be. Live this way in all facets of your life; including work, family and community.

2.    Work less. We all want to get ahead for ourselves and our families; yet, at what expense? Business results can still occur with work/life balance. Do you want to be remembered as someone who worked long hours; or as a great spouse, parent, humanitarian?

3.    Express feelings. We’re told not to cry or show vulnerability because each shows weakness. We’re told not to be upset because it could make others upset. We weren’t told keeping feelings inside can make you resentful and bitter. If you have the confidence to live life as you’re supposed to (see #1), you can openly express your feelings to others, including co-workers, without fear.

4.    Communicate with friends. Sometimes we feel we have enough friends and don’t have time for more; or we have friends we’re too busy for (see #2). In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a book inscription reads, “No man is a failure who has friends.” We must remember to communicate with our friends; and be willing to meet new people.

5.    Be happier. This relates to #1, #2 and #3. Happiness is a choice; and we sometimes lack the courage to express it or have time to do so because we’re working too much. It’s okay to smile, laugh, hug and enjoy your life.

Holistic Leadership helps you become the greatest form of yourself with your organization, your family and your community. It inspires you to fulfill your dreams sooner vs. waiting until retirement and possible regret. Are you ready to begin leading and living?

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