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Date Added: March 2011

Note: This article appeared in the March 2, 2011 issue of The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

They say the recession is over and the economy is improving; yet, during the past several months I’ve met numerous people seeking employment. Colleagues. Strangers. Executives. College Grads.


I’ve known some people for years and never thought they’d be without a job. I’ve met others for the first time. All are friends. These are scary times for many – those with jobs and those without.


Seeking a job is a full-time job. It takes time, perseverance and a willingness to meet new people. Step one is get to know yourself and ask for feedback from others. Those with jobs (“advisors”) should be grateful and invest time with “seekers” because virtually everyone will be a seeker once.


Someone I’ve known for several years recently sought my input. He was an executive and has always had a job. Unfortunately, he really wanted me to give him a list of people I knew that were hiring. He also wasn’t clear on the type of role or organization he wanted to work for.

A second person, one I had never met, also sought input. A 40-year-old recent college graduate, she went back to college to better herself. She asked many questions and didn’t want to settle for any position. Full of energy and enthusiasm – constantly smiling – she wanted to find her “dream job.”

Her personality, faith and transparency will take her far in life. She may never be an executive or make as much money as the first person; however, she will be much happier.

My only caution was seeking the “dream job.” While nothing is impossible, this is extremely difficult to achieve. Your vocation should be more than a job… it should exemplify who you are (see Oct. 17 column regarding Dream Board).


The best advice offered was from someone else. The person said, "Vocation is specific to the individual. At best, we can see parts of ourselves in the stories of others, but, in the end, our vocation is our vocation. Sometimes... it unveils itself in the seeking. Philosopher Jonathon Livingston Seagull said, 'It is good to be a seeker, but sooner or later, one must also be a finder.'"


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