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Date Added: December 2010

Note: This article appeared in the December 19, 2010 issue of The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

A discussion with an individual mentioned Jim Collins’ Level 5 leader, described as having professional will and personal humility. The individual suggested love was also a leadership trait. I saw no connection of love with leadership and business.


The individual described love as a “recipe.” He said love consisted of compassion, kindness, faithfulness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, joy, peace, trust, hope and perseverance.


While each “ingredient” is important and prior articles discussed leadership items such as humility, patience and trust; love at an organization with employees, colleagues, etc. didn’t make sense. Love is a very personal relationship with a few individuals – I love my wife – and wasn’t about to tell my co-workers and friends, “I love you.”


He believed faith, hope and love where the main three. While disagreeing with Collins and me, he stressed love was the greatest. He explained that love meant helping others become better. By demonstrating the ingredients of love, one loves others (without saying, “I love you.”).


He said in both business and personal relationships, one should seek out others who need love and share your love with them. By doing so, they gain faith, hope, kindness, humility, etc. – and ultimately their own love to share.


I began to understand how to share love and was again confused when told this applied to everyone, including strangers. Why love strangers? He explained the same thinking applied and if each person showed love for everyone with heart, mind and soul; our world and organizations would be amazing places.


The is a great country, but it’s not utopia. Despite this, I took the advice. I only verbalize “love” to my wife; and while not perfect, do my best to show love to co-workers, colleagues and strangers. It works. I feel better, and it’s amazing to see the positive reactions and attitudes on others’ faces.


A friend often says, “love you” to me. We’re friends and both married; and this used to make me uncomfortable; although left me feeling uplifted. He obviously figured this love thing out a long time ago. Love is not only for the holidays, it’s year-round. Happy holidays. Love one another. And yes, I love you.

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