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Date Added: October 2010

Note: This article appeared in the October 17, 2010 issue of The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

There are few organizations with corporate cultures where all employees are happy, engaged, love every minute of every day and get along great with each other. Perfection is unrealistic.


Whether you are a CEO/owner, leader or employee; what if there was a way to be better than you are today? Better self, better team, better organization.


A local organization called Pathmakers ( can help accomplish this. One method is “Motivating Drivers,” while the other is “Dream Board.”


Those familiar with StrengthsFinder (determines your top five strengths) or Meyers Briggs may believe Motivating Drivers is similar. It’s not. Strengths are innate skills we have; while Drivers are part of who we are. 


Our Drivers are expressed and received differently. For example, one my Drivers is excellence. When expressed well, it is received by others as “seeing potential in them, continuous improvement, collaborative learning for win-win partnerships.” When expressed poorly, it equates to “my way is the right way, you don’t measure up to me, I’m smarter than you.”


Knowing your own – and others’ – Drivers allows everyone to better understand each other. This leads to a “Dream Board.” Very simply, what items in your life mean something to you and how are your Drivers helping accomplish your Dreams? 


Dreaming sounds simple, yet it isn’t. It’s more than a family photo. More than your job. It should be about both the present and the future as we too often look only to the future and forget the present – living neither in the present or future.


My Dream Board has several items I never imagined would be on it. Understanding my Drivers caused me to open my mind to Dreaming. While fulfilling and life changing, one must be ready. I wasn’t ready to completely improve until a few years ago. Pathmakers asks difficult questions, challenges thinking, and sometimes made me uncomfortable and uneasy; although it’s all worth it.


Individuals, teams and organizations ready to stop talking about improvement and begin taking action should consider these innovative methods. Motivating Drivers and Dream Board can help you, your team and your organization get to a better place. I’m living proof.

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