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Date Added: December 2009

The holidays are supposed to be a time for happiness, for helping, for hope. Instead, there appears to be doom and gloom. The economy is bad. Companies are closing. People are downsized. Where is hope?


As someone previously downsized and having to seek a new job; I empathize with the current situation of many and realize hope dwindles. However, we either have hope or we don’t. Hope can also be viewed via two phrases: “And this too shall pass” and “view everything as a gift.” Having hope means knowing whatever is currently occurring will pass and better things will come.


“View everything as a gift” is to see the positive in every situation. When was the last time you had time off to enjoy with family? When did you last look at the snow’s beauty when blanketing the trees? When is the last time you reflected on the message in “It’s a Wonderful Life”?


When considering hope during the holidays, think of Johnny. Johnny bags groceries. He didn’t believe he could do anything special for others; however, he had hope. He created a “daily thought” – a short positive statement.

His dad helped him type the thought each night – 6 thoughts per page – and he’d print 50 copies (300 thoughts). Johnny cut and personally signed all 300 copies. He needed his father’s help because Johnny has Downs Syndrome.


When finishing bagging someone’s groceries, he placed the thought at the top of the last bag, explained what he was doing, and said, “I’ve put a positive statement in your bag. I hope it helps you have a good day. Thanks for shopping here.”

One month later, everyone wanted to be in Johnny’s line. One woman said, “I used to shop here once per week. Now I try to come in every time I pass – I want to get Johnny’s daily thought.”


Trust in hope. Use the holidays to renew your hope. Johnny had hope. You can too. Reconsider hope in your current situation because everything is a “gift” and situations “shall pass.”

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