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Date Added: December 2009

Note: This article appeared in the December 20, 2009 issue of The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

It’s the time of year for reflection. Some are joyous. Some are sad. Some consider New Year’s resolutions. How about reflecting on your dash?


We all have a date of birth, which we have no control. We all will have a date of death, which, for the most part, we also have no control. We should have control over our dash – the time between our date of birth and date of death (i.e. 1971 – 2046).

Positively using your dash should help you become better in whatever you do. Your business should be better than those who use their dash negatively. Your family life should be more positive. And most importantly, you will be remembered for the impact you had on others – all due to your dash.


Martin Luther King, Jr. told a story about a man whose use of his dash is still talked about after 20+ centuries. The man was born in an obscure village, the child of a poor woman. He worked as a carpenter; then he became a preacher.

He had very little. No money. No home. No college degree. He did nothing the world typically associates with greatness. His vocation was his life. All he did was serve.

When he was 33, he was deemed a “trouble-maker.” A friend turned him over to his enemies. During his “trial,” another friend denied him 3 times. He was killed and buried in a borrowed tomb. More than 2,000 years later, he is still known. Many celebrate his birth and death; yet, what about what he did with his dash? While his name sparks much debate and a range of feelings, his name is still known virtually worldwide.

He had nothing. He simply served others and did good. He used his dash every day – 12 months a year – not just a few weeks during the holidays. Whatever you are feeling this time of year and whatever resolutions you intend to make, consider your dash.

We can only hope others speak of our dash 2,000 years from now. How will you use your dash today – and for the rest of your life?


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