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Date Added: October 2008

NOTE: This article appeared in the October 20, 2008 issue of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

September’s article discussed searching for a job fitting your personality or culture. This article expands on career searches from an organization’s and individual’s perspective, using a familiar topic… the Green Bay Packers.

A few years ago a potential employee named Randy Moss was interested in being employed by the Packers. He possessed great skills and there was an open role for him, wide receiver. It was determined that despite his skills and high performance level, he was not a good organizational cultural fit.

While Moss is a top performer, he lacks organizational fit. It is better for organizations to hire people that are great cultural fits even if offering slightly less skill and performance levels (Robert Brooks was an example).

In another controversial example, the Packers had one open role – starting quarterback – and two capable employees. One employee became unhappy when considered for a different role (back-up quarterback). An unhappy employee is no longer an organizational cultural fit as this impacts other employees, causing more unhappiness. In these instances, leadership needs to remove the unhappy employee.

Using both examples, from an individual perspective, why would employees want to work for an organization without a cultural fit or if unhappy with the organization? If you don’t fit the organization’s culture, why even apply for a job? If you’re unhappy, isn’t it time to find another job? If you don’t fit, it’s not the right company.

The organizational decision sits with the hiring leader and/or human resources. The individual decision sits with you. Put yourself in control and relieve the stress of a job search by targeting organizations aligning your culture and values, and those understanding your strengths and skills to use them effectively.

In experiences with the scenarios and questions above, the situation always becomes better. Individuals find organizations matching their culture, and roles suited for their strengths and skills; and unhappy employees find happiness. Short-term, things may appear bleak; however, long-term, you’ll achieve a higher winning percentage.

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