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Date Added: September 2008

NOTE: This article appeared in the September 21, 2008 issue of The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

While organizations often invest time to ensure individuals have the skills, knowledge and cultural fit for a role; many prospective employees do not perform this level of due diligence.

An example… my personality includes being results-driven, multi-tasker, problem solver, relationship-builder, communicator, project manager, and strategic. I should seek a role and organization fitting my personality – a results-oriented firm with a culture promoting teams, entrepreneurship and open communication.

My friend’s personality includes being care-free, easy-going, creative, empathetic, quantity over quality, lack of urgency, no planning. While he may be more fun to be around, he should seek an organization with similar traits. In effect, he and I should not work for the same organization as one of us would be unhappy.

This is why individuals should also search for a cultural fit with organizations and roles. Seek out those sharing similar beliefs and values. Review mission and vision statements. Speak to current employees and those with company knowledge.

For organizations, while many do a good job of seeking people fitting a specific role and the corporate culture; several may not understand the gap between roles they need vs. those they’ve always had.

For example, a CEO recently told me whenever they find someone having a cultural fit; they want to hire them in an available role. Initially, this makes sense as the organization finds a good person and the person finds a good organization.

Unfortunately, if the person has experience in Operations and the only open role is in Marketing; this is not a good fit. The person may align with the culture and have good skills; however, they will become unhappy and disengaged if not being used effectively (i.e. marketing instead of operations). This becomes a bad hire.

People should invest the time to align fit with both the role and organization; and organizations should learn to create new roles when finding people that are a fit.

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