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Date Added: January 2008

It’s the time of year when people tend to be extra happy, joyous and giving. It’s also the time to reflect upon the good year your organization has had.
Without being “The Grinch,” it’s time to consider how things could be improved. How are you going to help your organization get to the next level? How will you capitalize on today’s obstacles to achieve tomorrow’s success?
Many organizations have experienced good growth over the past few years. Eventually, this levels off. Business may continue to be acceptable, yet your organization won’t experience the sustainable growth needed to take it to higher levels.
Factors holding it back may include: pressure for short-term growth, lack of capital to expand, attracting and retaining the right people, or being less growth-minded than initially thought.
The giving season is the right time to give back and revisit your organization’s growth strategy. For example, does your organization:
  • Have a defined process to rapidly resolve issues raised by customers?
  • Spend more time and resources growing existing customers than obtaining new customers?
  • Have a detailed process to research, develop and launch products/services?
  • Specify growth goals and invest in resources and people to achieve these goals?
If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your holiday season may be good, but your 2008 may already be in trouble. Begin 2008 by being proactive and including one key item on your holiday wish list – asking for external help to achieve your sustainable long-term growth.
If you want to stay off the naughty list and be on the nice list, you will ask for help when:
  • Stressing over strategic, organizational or customer-related issues.
  • Searching for independent and experienced advice you can trust.
  • Feeling under pressure to deliver results.
  • Sensing uncertainty.
  • Gathering information is difficult and innovation is limited.
  • Facing major decisions affecting your people, customers or organization.
Enjoy the next several weeks. Spend time with family and friends. Relax. Bake. Be merry. End the year with positive thoughts on how to achieve sustainable organic growth. Don’t settle for current successes.
My gift to you – go to to download a list of five common criticisms of external partners – and 10 questions to ask to get the gift you truly want. Happy Holidays!
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