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Date Added: November 2007

Face it. Everyone takes credit when business is good. And they take cover when it’s not.
In peak times and in dips, management consulting firms can help – if chosen wisely.
Criticisms of Management Consulting Firms
  1. They give misguided analysis.
  2. Their “new” ideas lack originality.
  3. They have Group Think – high consensus with low conflict (no testing, analyzing or evaluating the information they provide).
  4. They believe it’s easy to implement their recommendations.
  5. They never leave! They build in dependency instead of promoting self-sufficiency.
Unmistakably, an external partner who fails to deliver can hurt your organization. Before it’s too late, convene your top leaders and ask the right questions about your potential partner.
Questions to Ask When Choosing a Consultant
  1. Are they good listeners?
  2. How are they different from others?
  3. Do they seem willing to work for you?
  4. Do they understand your concerns?
  5. Are you comfortable with them?
  6. Can you trust them?
  7. How do they charge for their work?
  8. Can they prove they can do the work (e.g., samples or case studies)?
  9. Who exactly would be doing the work?
  10. What do their customers say about them (e.g., testimonials or word of mouth)?
The right management consulting firm should be focused on you – to help your organization succeed. They should stand by the work they’ve done for others and demonstrate what they are willing to do for you. To find the right partner, ask the tough questions.
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