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Date Added: May 2007

Business owner David Yeghiaian wrote the book – after completing research with hundreds of organizations and nearly a thousand leaders.
New release Pieces for Profit explains how the three pieces of his organizational model – Strategy, People and Customers – interact to help organizations become more profitable and successful. To learn how you can help your organization achieve greater success, visit
Jason Jennings, author of three best-selling business books and named one of the three most requested speakers by USA TODAY, said, “I fell in love with this book. It will make you a better strategic thinker and… your ability to execute will dramatically improve.”
In Pieces for Profit, Yeghiaian describes how his research helped create a proactive process called AL2ASM – Ask, Listen, Learn and Act. This newly trademarked process, performed with people and customers, provides the bookends surrounding an organization’s overall strategy.
The book is divided into three sections. Section I discusses Strategy, Section II relates to People and Section III conveys Customers. The Epilogue brings all three together using an example of an acquisition and integration. Within each of the three sections are headings called “Strategy In Action,” “People In Action” and “Customers In Action.” Each relates to real life examples.
Section I provides a concise working definition of strategy and explains how to achieve creative tension when creating your strategy. While people and customers, two other pieces of the puzzle, are part of a strategy, they deserve unique consideration as separate entities.
Section II explores whether an organization consistently recruits and retrains emotionally engaged people. People shown to be emotionally engaged are typically more productive. Higher productivity transfers to more customers, and customers receiving better service. This equates to complete customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in positive retention and maximized profitability.
Section III underscores the importance of customer engagement and strengthening partnerships with your best customers. Earlier, emotional engagement referred to the deep understanding organizations share with their people. A partnership with similar possibilities exists for organizations and their customers. Fully engaged customers “provide a 23 percent premium to the organization’s bottom line.”
”Yeghiaian has created a thorough and comprehensive book on a set of related topics,” said Tim Weyenberg, President and CEO of Foth. “I would recommend it as a great ‘how to’ resource for integrating strategy, people and customers inside any organization. Leaders can effectively build a company from the ground up with the aid of this material. The newly created AL2A process is an innovative perspective and great approach to get customers engaged in the very process used to serve them.”
Yeghiaian has demonstrated results on a global scale in a breadth of services such as organizational strategy, brand management, marketing, strategic planning, and acquisitions and integrations. His experience includes work with Fortune 500, nonprofit, government and private organizations in several industries.
Yeghiaian launched Unique Business Solutions, a strategic business advising firm, to partner with clients on issues of strategy, people and customers to help them maximize their productivity and profitability. Services include Organizational Strategy, Strategic Market Positioning, and Acquisition and Integration assistance.
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