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Date Added: October 2005

Satisfied employees are more productive. This should not be news to any organization, yet few companies are proactive in determining if their employees are happy. Few firms invest in their employees to give them the proper training and development it takes to become an advocate of the company brand. Having employees mirror corporate values and take pride in their brand should be a priority for organizations.

Employees that experience fulfillment with their jobs are overall more productive. To determine if employees are engaged, organizations need to ask and then listen to their employees. This allows the firm to transform their training or other aspects that may hinder employee performance to create an environment where employees can benefit. Higher employee productivity transfers to customers, and customers receive better service. This equates to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in increased revenues.1

Organizations that proactively express the meaning of the brand to their employees create a company that is focused on their employees, and also on customer service. Here are five steps to sustain satisfied employees that promote the brand:2

  1. Recruit the best. Determine what employee characteristics benefit and reflect your firm. Actively search for candidates that encompass these traits. Do not settle on individuals just to fill a vacancy - search for the "right" people for the "right" roles. The hiring process should be an in-depth process focused entirely on those that exhibit qualities that best fit the organization.
  2. Have expectations and recognize talent. Studies have shown that people perform based on expectations. If a firm's expectations are high, its employees will perform at that level. Training and development is the optimal opportunity to communicate to employees what the firm asks of them. Allowing employees to increase their talents through education and training is another way to foster fulfillment. Education can increase employees' confidence and allow them to become more involved in their work.
  3. Create corporate dignity. Employees like to work for a company that they respect and make products/provide services they are proud to support. For example, producing quality products in an environmentally safe way is something that employees can take pride in. It is easier for employees to sell a product/service that they support.
  4. Exhibit goodwill. Another way to increase customer loyalty is to give back to the communities in which firms operate. Employees enjoy working with their communities to make them stronger and to reach customers. Customers also appreciate generous organizations - this is an opportunity to create customer loyalty.
  5. Explain their role. Employees need to understand why they come to work each day and how they impact their department/division and organization as a whole. Employees like to know that their work plays a role in the success of the firm. Recognizing your employees during a profitable quarter or year can help boost morale.

It may take an investment to determine if your employees are satisfied. This is one of the most profitable investments a firm can make. For most firms, employees are the backbone of success. If a firm has engaged employees, in return, it will have complete customer satisfaction and increased profits. Better employees lead to organizations that are more productive and successful.

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