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Date Added: August 2005

Increasing employee performance is a key objective to a corporate communications strategy. Employee performance is based on how well leaders communicate, how much trust is in the organization, and how well known the organization's values are. All employees need to work together to help make communications more effective.

There are four employee communication challenges. They are:1

  • Motivating employees to align with the business strategy to create a line of sight between employees and the organizational business strategy.
  • Managing communication through leadership by educating and engaging leaders in their role in employee communication.
  • Managing information overload by breaking through the communication clutter.
  • Measuring the return on investment of internal communication by linking communication to business results.

Motivating employees to align with the organizational business strategy is difficult. There needs to be open communication throughout the organization for employees to feel involved. When there is little communication, employees tend to distance themselves from their work environment.

Research shows that increased employee engagement can lead to a 57 percent improvement in open effort or employees' willingness to exceed duties.2 In addition, 40 percent of employees are not completely satisfied with their leader.3 Leaders should be conscious of having open communications with their employees. Leaders can boost employee morale by being engaged in their employees' work environment. In any organization, employees from research and development speak with marketing on a regular basis. Employees from research and development know information on new marketing tools but don't share it with marketing. They lose trust in research and development, which results in productivity declining.

Four ways to help employees align corporate communications are:1

  • Ensuring that employees clearly understand how they can help achieve the business strategy.
  • Building employee commitment to the business strategy.
  • Leveraging technology to help employees understand the business strategy.
  • Establishing trust between leaders and employees.

Helping employees align with corporate communication increases employee performance by building trust within an organization, having leaders be open with communication, and knowing the organization's values.

Happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees help keep customers completely satisfied. This generates more revenue and profitability for the organization. Aligning employees to the corporate business strategy provides complete satisfaction to the whole organization.

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