About Us

Why Us

All organizations say they have factors that differentiate them.   Our services have yielded many proven results, including:

  1. Our passion to make your organization more productive and successful.
    • Every decision and interaction with your organization is based on one question we constantly ask for your benefit: What's the good business reason for doing this?1
    • The result is to achieve sustainable growth for your organization.
  2. Our unique processes are designed to align strategy, people and customers.
    • As your trusted advisor, we take the time to truly understand your organization's needs to provide the right solutions. Stephen Covey refers to this as "seek first to understand."2
    • The result is a higher ROI and detailed strategy – not a tactical band-aid.
  3. Our ability to provide you with Performance Beyond Your Expectations.
    • We have the wisdom and courage to act in your best interests by offering solutions that others may be afraid to.
    • The result is saving money and increasing revenues by understanding and anticipating customer and employee preferences before projects are implemented.
  4. Our ability to follow Hermes' Code of Honor, which focuses on serving businesses to help them improve.
    • We create end-to-end solutions – from employees to customers – so you can excel above the competition.
    • The result is to meet your measurable goal/objective and then exceed it.
Please contact us to take the first step in forming a mutually beneficial partnership.
See Jennings, Jason. Less is More. The Penguin Group, New York. 2002.
See Covey, Stephen R. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Simon & Schuster, New York. 1989.
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